From Kayfabe To WWE Sports Entertainment — Reflections On The Death Of Wrestling Legend Bruno Sammartino

Pro wrestling’s journey from old-school heroes and villains to modern-day superstars. The death of professional wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino on April 18, 2018, at the age of 82 marks the end of an era. No longer the domain of working-class heroes and dangerous villains, pro wrestling is now called sports entertainment, and the men and women who perform in the […]

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What to Expect Between Now and When Avengers 4 Arrives Next Year

Ten years ago, the idea of making a superhero team-up movie utilizing some of the biggest stars in Hollywood was unthinkable. Today, that’s exactly the model most comic-book properties seek to emulate and a format audiences can’t resist. Avengers: Infinity War is Marvel’s latest (and most ambitious) installment of that formula and includes heroes from 18 films within its canon […]

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Sony Pictures Swings Back to Profit, Lifts Group Results

Japanese electronics giant, Sony’s pictures division swung back into profit in the 2017-18 financial year, replacing a loss in the previous period. The division earned $376 million (JPY41.1 billion), on revenues of $9.13 billion (JPY1,011 billion), replacing losses of $682 million (JPY80.5 billion) on revenues of JPY903 billion. At group level, Sony also increased its profits to JPY491 billion on […]

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