Residents in Oklahoma, Arkansas evacuate as flooding persists

Officials on Saturday warned some Tulsa residents to prepare to head to higher ground because old levees holding back the swollen Arkansas River are stressed and more rain is expected for the flood-weary region. The river was four feet above flood stage on Friday and was already causing flooding in parts of Oklahoma’s second-largest city, including in south Tulsa where […]

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MH370 hijack ploy ‘very doable’ for Russians claims CIA agent

Science journalist Jeff Wise believes the Malaysia Airlines flight was taken over by Russia and flown to Kazakhstan, as theorised in his new book The Taking of MH370. The CNN aviation pundit claims a reboot of the Boeing 777-200’s Satellite Data Unit (SDU) at 18:25 suggests tampering on board. He then believes this was carried out to mislead investigators of […]

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Shocked doctors find spoons, knife, and screwdrivers in man’s stomach

Shocked doctors examining a patient with stomach ache discovered seven spoons, a knife, toothbrushes and screwdrivers in his gut. The hospital medics were left reeling after an x-ray revealed the stash of items. Relatives in Mandi, India , rushed him to Lal Bahadur Shastri Government Medical College after he began complaining of severe pain. In the procedure that followed, baffled […]

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