Anastasiya Kvitko Shares Eye-Popping Booty Video Via Instagram As ‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Embraces Hiking

Instagram phenomenon Anastasiya Kvitko is always trying to outdo herself in terms of getting her followers excited, and it looks as if her latest posts may have topped everything else the “Russian Kim Kardashian” has previously posted. Kvitko did some hiking over the weekend, apparently, and what she shared quickly garnered a lot of responses.

In her latest Instagram posts, Anastasiya Kvitko shared a peek at some hiking she did, and naturally, she had someone videotape a bit of the process from behind. Anybody who follows the starlet on social media knows that she’s quite proud of her prominent derriere, and that was the focus of her new Instagram video.

Kvitko captioned the clip quite simply, noting just that she loves hiking. The video was only a few seconds long, but it followed Anastasiya as she took a few steps up a trail. Near the end of the clip, the Russian Instagram model turned and looked over her shoulder to blow a kiss toward the camera before turning forward again.

In the clip, Anastasiya was wearing very tight blue leggings along with a cropped black and yellow jacket. In the second set of short video clips she shared, where she posed and twisted back-and-forth, it looks like Kvitko also had on a short crop top of some sort, along with a pair of oversized sunglasses on too.

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I love hiking ????

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The Instagram vixen is practically busting out of the leggings with her ample derriere, and fans are going crazy over the video clips that capture every buzzworthy curve of Kvitko’s booty. The crop top and jacket essentially serve to enhance the model’s curves and extreme hourglass figure and show off a hint of her bare midriff.

Kvitko has built up a following of 9.1 million followers thanks to her regular posting of photos and videos, and unsurprisingly, her fanbase went wild over the initial hiking video. In just the first 14 hours or so, 673,000 people had shown their love for the clip. The second post showing Anastasiya posing wasn’t quite as red-hot in terms of fan engagement, but it still had received 110,000 likes as of this writing.

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Anastasiya has played rather coy in the past when questioned about enhancements she has made to her body. She insists that she hadn’t done anything to her face and that she’s worked hard to achieve her curvaceous figure.

However, Anastasiya Kvitko has never explicitly confirmed that she’s had plastic surgery on her booty or bosom. Most of her fans presume that she has, but it doesn’t look as if they care all that much, as they love the “Russian Kim Kardashian’s” figure just as it is now.

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