Bethenny Frankel Flaunts Her Angelic Side For Halloween

Bethenny Frankel has had a fair amount of upheaval in her personal life lately, but the Real Housewives of New York star seems to be in a good place these days. She embraced Halloween and shared some glimpses of her fun costume via her social media pages and her fans went wild over how great she looked.

As the Inquisitr shared recently, Bethenny Frankel can still rock a bikini at the age of 47, and she has a new boyfriend named Paul Bernon who seems to be bringing her happiness again. She has worked to overcome a lot of drama in relation to her ex-husband and their divorce and custody battles, and she recently faced a shocker by the sudden death of her ex-boyfriend Dennis Shields.

Despite all of the ups and downs in her life lately, Frankel seems intent on forging forward and focusing on the positives. She did just that when it came to Halloween, embracing an angelic costume that did garner some mixed reviews in her Instagram comments.

Bethenny dressed as an angel for Halloween and shared some shots of the look on both her Instagram page and her Instagram Stories. As part of her costume, Frankel wore a large pair of white angel wings similar to what Victoria’s Secret models are known for wearing.

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In addition to the wings, the RHONY star had on some heels with white fluffy detailing, a white bodysuit and lacy shorts, and glittery hose. Bethenny also incorporated several eye-catching pieces of jewelry and a makeup look that worked well with the angelic look.

It seems that Frankel caught the eye of Nicky Hilton while the two were out celebrating Halloween. Hilton captured a shot of the RHONY star and shared it via her Instagram, which Bethenny then reshared. It was a little tough for the Real Housewives star to navigate getting through doors and such, but she looked like she was having a blast with the look.

Bethenny has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, and about 65,000 of them liked the photos she shared in the first 12 hours or so. Frankel also received more than 1,500 comments, but not everybody was impressed by the look.

Many noted that the Kardashian/Jenner clan also went with a Victoria’s Secret Angels theme, and their look was certainly a buzzworthy one. Others thought that Bethenny’s lacy shorts, in particular, didn’t really work in the ensemble.

It doesn’t look as if Bethenny Frankel is letting any of the criticisms over her Halloween costume get to her though. The Real Housewives of New York star appeared to be having a blast with this look and those who love her love that she went bold with what she wore this year.

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