Cole Swindell Shares ‘Love You Too Late’

Cole Swindell has shared his latest heart-breaking single “Love You Too Late” after debuting the track on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars earlier this week.

“She’s out there rolling down some old interstate / Wide open, wide open / Couldn’t make her stay / Probably cranking up some new freedom song / Wide open, wide open,” Swindell sings. “Won’t pick up the phone while I’m dying here tonight / Staring goodbye in the face / Saying ‘I love you’ too late.”

“Love You Too Late” is the second single from Swindell’s third studio album All Of It, which follows hit lead single “Break Up in the End.” Swindell co-wrote five of the 12 songs in the album, which dropped on August 17.

All Of It track list:

1. “Love You Too Late”
2. “All of It”
3. “Somebody’s Been Drinkin'”
4. “Sounded Good Last Night”
5. “Break Up in the End”
6. “I’ll Be Your Small Town”
7. “The Ones Who Got Me Here”
8. “20 in a Chevy”
9. “Reason to Drink”
10. “Her”
11. “Both Sides of the Mississippi”
12. “Dad’s Old Number”

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