‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Star Beth Chapman Trying To Maintain Normal Life Despite Incurable Cancer Battle

Fans of Duane and Beth Chapman of the reality television show Dog the Bounty Hunter have been devastated to hear that her cancer has returned — and has been deemed by doctors to be incurable. Recent reports indicate that despite her illness and treatments, she has been determined to try to live as normal a life as possible as she and her husband deal with this heartbreaking news.

E! News spoke with Duane Chapman, star of Dog the Bounty Hunter, and he opened up about how hard Beth is working to keep life normal right now. As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Beth reportedly left the hospital in California against doctor’s orders, anxious to return home to Colorado.

Duane “Dog” Chapman says that back home, Beth is trying to go about her day-to-day life by keeping things as normal as possible. Chapman says that his wife is trying to do everything and to maintain control, cooking and throwing herself into the mix of things with Dog’s business and bounties.

Of course, many would understand how keeping involved in these activities may well be comforting to Beth as she faces difficult unknowns with regards to her illness. Dog says that as Beth is trying to give him advice about his work, he’s telling her to stay out of it — and that he’s got it handled — surely wanting her to rest. Beth, however, wants to keep her mind occupied — and off of the cancer recurrence.

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Dog has admitted that he’s crying and praying a lot. As he told Us Weekly, he doesn’t want to hear the bad news, and he’s been trying to make deals via his faith. Chapman says he’s asked God to “heal his honey,” and he’s said in return he’ll try to stop cursing and smoking, willing to do anything he can to keep his wife with him.

As Beth and Duane move forward, Chapman says that his wife is resistant to taking any prescription medications the doctors have offered her. She’s relying on over-the-counter options — and is clearly determined to conquer this on her own terms. While the cancer has reportedly spread, doctors are recommending some chemotherapy sessions, and the family is looking at alternative options as well.

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans have been hanging on every update that the family has shared since news of her emergency surgery emerged a few weeks ago. Duane and Beth Chapman are clearly doing their best to remain a strong team together — and their supporters hope that they can find a way to beat the odds — and beat this cancer in its recurrence.

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