Matt Baker: ‘I get a bit fed up’ Countryfile host’s revelation after praising wife Nicola

Countryfile star Matt Baker, 41, tied the knot with his wife Nicola Moon in 2004 and has since revealed he previously got “upset” when headlines suggested he was up to no good with female colleagues. Spilling all to the Radio Times back in 2011, he said: “I get a bit fed up when I’m photographed with one of them having a coffee and the headline is that I’m doing something clandestine when I’m really not!” Insisting he doesn’t let the negative stories bother him, he added: “I used to find it upsetting, but I’ve got used to it now.” Matt and Nicola, who is a trained physiotherapist, have two children together: a daughter named Molly and a son called Luke.

I get a bit fed up when I’m photographed with one of them

Matt Baker

In the same interview, he gushed over his marriage and praised his wife for her support.

He said: “I have a very patient wife. Nicola is very supportive and understanding.

“She is everything to me. I couldn’t have done any of this without her.

“She makes sure there is everything I want when I get home and she’s a fantastic mother. I really owe her so much.”

During an episode of The One Show in 2014, Matt revealed how he met his wife in a chat with Billy Ocean, 69.

The presenter told Billy his song Love Really Hurts Without You meant a lot to the couple as he gushed about their 10th wedding anniversary.

He spilled: “Well, this is the thing Billy, back in the day before all of this TV lark started, I was a member of a disco dance troupe called Disco Inferno.”

He added: “17 years ago, that’s where I met my wife. And your song Love Really Hurts Without You, that became our song.

“And you’ll never believe this, but tonight is out 10th wedding anniversary.”

Matt then revealed his spouse was actually standing in the audience and asked Billy to play a snippet of his meaningful hit.

As Billy sang the song, Matt ran over to his wife and wished her a happy anniversary before giving her a passionate kiss.

Elsewhere, while he appears all-smiles on camera, Matt revealed he uses exercise to de-stress after a bad day at work.

The father-of-two admitted he doesn’t like “slacking” and will confront his co-stars if need be.

He told The Telegraph: “When I feel people aren’t working at their potential that winds me up.

“I’m a real perfectionist, I don’t like slacking.

“If I get really annoyed I’ll bawl at people, I have a temper on me, but most of the time I keep it under control.”

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