Brothers tailgated driver, 24, then stabbed him to death

Brothers, 18 and 20, who tailgated a car for kicks and then stabbed one of its passengers to death in horrifying road rage attack when he got out to complain are jailed for total of 30 years Roman, 20, and Sero Hemmings, 18, targeted Ashley Johnson in Leicester Brothers had been offended by a comment about their driving in February […]

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Mum, 24, has a baby with her 54-year-old boyfriend and raves how sex with him is BETTER than with younger guys

Wesleigh, 24, and Vince, 54, met each other online and have been together for three years. Vince is divorced and has a son from his previous marriage who is two years older than his new wife – but that didn't stop the couple from starting a romance. Wesleigh, of Little Rock, Arkansas, said she was always interested in older men and was looking for a protective, older male figure […]

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DNA profiling helped size 24 woman shift half her body weight

Size 24 woman whose size put her at risk of SUFFOCATING in her sleep sheds half her body weight – after DNA profiling helped her overhaul her ‘appalling’ diet Allison Rushford, 54, from Portsmouth reached around 20 stone at her heaviest After years of failed diets, she embarked on a DNA profiling health regime She believes she has shed around […]

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