5 jailhouse romances that raised eyebrows

Parkland killer Nikolas Cruz, center, was among the many prisoners who’ve looked for love behind bars. (REUTERS/Susan Stocker/Pool, File) They've snagged headlines across the country — notorious criminals or suspects in gruesome crimes falling in love while behind bars. Here are five examples. Amanda Knox sitting before being interviewed on the set of ABC News’ "Good Morning America" in New […]

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5 Men on the Memorable One Night Stands They've Ever Had

When sharing our one night stand stories, we tend to go for the bad, messy, or funny moments. Everyone has had their share of awkward and uncomfortable hook-ups, and it can be nice to bond over those weird nights. But sometimes we get so focused on when things go wrong, we forget to remember the encounters that are awesome. Spending […]

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Woman claims The Ordinary’s £5 serum ‘left her with severe chemical burns’ and she’s now ‘scarred for life’

Just hours after applying “one drop” of The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid 2 per cent Solution, Paige Broome, 23, said she broke out into painful blisters. Paige bought the £5 ($8.20AUD) product to use on a few pimples on Thursday last week. The Brit, who is currently backpacking in Australia, claims she applied “one drop” of the solution directly to a […]

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