Scientists finally figure out why zebras have stripes

WASHINGTON — Scientists are providing new evidence to answer the longstanding question about why zebras have stripes. Well, it appears stripes make terrible landing strips, bamboozling the fierce blood-sucking flies that try to feast on zebras and carry deadly diseases. Researchers on Wednesday described experiments demonstrating that horse flies have a difficult time landing on zebras while easily landing on […]

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Mystery creature kills elderly woman on morning walk

An elderly North Carolina teacher was attacked and killed by an animal while taking an early morning walk this week, and officials are scrambling to identify the killer creature, officials said. Brenda Hamilton, 77, an educator at the Pungo Christian Academy in Belhaven, died Monday after she was attacked by some sort of animal, authorities said. Investigators are doing DNA […]

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These are the best wildlife photos of the year

Aww! They’re just big pussycats really. A touching image of male lions snuggling each other has won top prize in an international photography competition. The striking picture, taken by New Zealander David Lloyd, scooped the lensman the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award. Titled “Bond of Brothers,” it won the contest organized by London’s Natural History Museum after […]

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