Instagram couple defends ‘dangerous’ infinity pool photo

A couple criticised for a “dangerous” photo on the edge of an infinity pool have defended their actions. Instagram travel bloggers Kelly Castille, 33, and Kody Workman, 32, said the image was edited for “dramatisation” and that they were safe while staging the picture. It shows the American couple kissing while Ms Castille dangles off the edge of a three-storey […]

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Couple who lost a severely disabled son left with just £20 a week

Desperate couple who received benefits while caring for their dying son have been left with just £20 a week in Universal Credit to provide for their other child Sabrina McCarl and Marco Simoes lost their four-year-old son, Tiago, in 2016 Mr Simoes was refused benefits having received them during his son’s illness  He is considering returning to Portugal because he cannot get back […]

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Couple return to find £70k Audi stolen from airport meet and greet

Horrified couple return from holiday to find their £70,000 Audi had been stolen from airport meet and greet firm when fraudster convinced staff he was woman’s boyfriend Couple left new Audi Q7 with meet and greet employee at Manchester Airport  Man convinced the company he was a partner of the woman and collected car Greater Manchester Police have released picture […]

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