3 Ways To Gracefully Reject Someone, So No One Ends Up With Hurt Feelings

For just about everyone, being rejected is a tough pill to swallow. It hurts and it can be really embarrassing. But here’s the thing: *Doing the rejecting is actually not so great either. It can feel painfully awkward, is high-pressure, and you’re likely worried about hurting the other person’s feelings. Not to mention, sometimes people don’t take rejection well — […]

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Tiny Love Stories: ‘Relationships Are Like Shoes’

7 Women and 3,000 Men We met in 1968, the year before he became Dartmouth’s hockey captain, when I was one of seven women on Dartmouth’s testosterone-fueled campus of 3,000 men. I joined Denis’s fraternity to be his brother but fell for him instead. He nicknamed us “Romes and Jules” after the Zeffirelli movie. Even though I dumped him for […]

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Grandmother is dating man 19 years younger than her

Grandmother, 49, insists her 29-year-old fiancé is the love of her life despite being told to ‘find someone her own age’ – and reveals their connection was ‘instant’ Tonya Parker, 48, from Kansas, met her fiancé Derek McGarr, 29, in April 2014 Friends and family didn’t think the relationship would last, asking her to choose Couple moved in together after a […]

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