UK weather forecast: Met Office warns of -15C snow bomb this Saturday as Brits are told to prepare for more snow

Forecasters say the freezing weather system will continue through Saturday before milder air sweeps the nation on Sunday. Weather charts by WX show parts of the country endure snow showers. Weather warnings for snow and ice have been issued for the North East, Southern Coast, Wales, parts of Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland until lunchtime on Saturday. The Met […]

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Weather forecast – foggy Britain to warm up this weekend before SNOW hits in -2C ice blast next week

Grey and overcast skies will bring warmer temperatures sneaking into double figures, warmer than the January average of 6C. After it dipped well below freezing today, the next few days will feel noticeably warmer as the icy grip temporarily lifts. With temperatures ranging from 6-11C from tomorrow last until until Monday, Brits have some respite from the biting cold in […]

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UK weather forecast – Polar vortex to bring freezing -7C temperatures before dangerous gales knock out power

Temperatures dropped to -6.3C in Balmoral, Aberdeenshire, overnight and the cold snap will continue over the weekend. Freezing and bitter wind chills overnight will make it feel like -10C in some parts of the country. The coldest night of the winter so far was experienced in Scotland on Wednesday into Thursday, with Braemar in Aberdeenshire reaching -10.5C. There may be […]

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