Most Twitter accounts created to sway 2016 election are still active

A month away from the November midterm elections, more than 80 percent of the Twitter accounts that spread disinformation during the presidential election two years ago are still active, a new report revealed. Researchers examined the distribution of “fake news,” and disinformation campaigns associated with Twitter are still publishing more than 1 million tweets on a typical day despite the […]

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Meet the NYC entrepreneurs bringing 3D printing to the masses

From behind the graffiti-marked walls of a warehouse on the desolate Brooklyn-Queens border wafts one of the last scents you might associate with industrial production: the sweet, light smell of sugar. This inviting aroma — from the unspooling of sugar-based polylactic acid filament, or PLA — is a byproduct of 3D printing, a burgeoning industry churning out everything from prosthetics […]

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Ranking 20 Of The World’s Most Valuable Tech Products For 2018

2018 is halfway done and we still haven’t got our flying cars or space elevators. While it’s easy to complain about the seemingly lacking technological advances of the current age, there’s also plenty to get excited about. The world is filled with innovative people who are coming up with some pretty awesome inventions. Of course, these inventions aren’t exactly cheap, but […]

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