Amber Peat's natural dad blasts stepdad for claiming 13-year-old lied about him dishing out ‘humiliating’ punishments before she hanged herself

Adrian Cook accused Danny Peat of treating the tragic 13-year-old’s inquest “as a joke”.

It came after Mr Peat denied

Amber’s body was found in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, three days after she went missing from her home following a row with her mother over household chores.

Amber's mum Kelly Peat and stepdad Danny Peat reported her missing eight hours after she stormed out of their family home – after going to the supermarket, out for dinner and to the car wash.

The tragic teen had told teachers she had to "scrub the floor" until 1.30am and that her stepdad had forced her to wear a "ridiculous" outfit to school, Nottingham Coroner’s Court heard.

Amber was also made to wear jogging bottoms to school after forgetting to put her school trousers in the wash despite having another clean pair, Amber's form teacher Rebecca Beard told the hearing last week.

However, today Mr Peat dismissed this as lies.


Asked by assistant coroner Laurinda Bower why he found disciplining Amber difficult, Mr Peat said: "The accusations and the attention-seeking."

Ms Bower said: "What you are saying is that Amber is lying about you," to which Mr Peat said: "Yes."

He added: "It wasn't just about me, ma'am. There were other accusations about a teacher, there were accusations about her biological father, saying that he had hit her – so yes, she did say lies."

Asked why she may have made up stories, Mr Peat said: "I don't know, ma'am. I would ask her why and she would say, 'I don't know'."

I just thought she was close by, hiding and watching. We just expected her to walk back up.

Asked why he and Mrs Peat had waited so long to call the police, he said: "There were several reasons. We still expected her to turn up.

"There was a party at the end of the road and both Kelly and I thought we saw Amber down the road.

"I just thought she was close by, hiding and watching. We just expected her to walk back up.

"What we said was the truth, ma'am, and it wasn't until that time that we were all really worried and called the police."


Amber’s birth dad reacted furiously when he was given the opportunity to grill Danny Peat during today’s proceedings.

Mr Cook also told the coroner that he was forced to find out about his daughter’s disappearance on Facebook, MailOnline reports..

He fumed at Mr Peat : “I have sat here and listened to the evidence and I think you have approached this as a joke. I think you have treated this whole courtroom as a joke.”

He also asked Mr Peat if he considered going to Tesco and having his car washed when his stepdaughter was missing as "neglecting her well-being", to which he replied: "No."

Asked whether he was lying about events leading up to Amber's death, given his history of compulsive lying, Mr Peat said: "No, I haven't."

Earlier, Mrs Peat told the inquest her partner and the schoolgirl would sometimes "butt heads" over chores.

Mrs Peat said: "He would say 'do this' and she would say 'no' – and Danny got to the point where he wasn't getting anywhere and he would say 'you talk to her'."

Ms Bower said: "You were advised while you were living in Derbyshire that if Amber goes missing you should contact police.

"On reflection, that was too long, wasn't it, before calling the police?" to which Amber's mother replied: "Yes."

Mrs Peat also said Amber had not run away while Mr Peat had been serving time in prison for tax fraud.

The inquest continues.

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