Former pig slaughterer, 80, arrested for 'killing her ex-tenant and storing his organs in her fridge' amid fears she also ATE parts of him

The retired pig farm slaughterer is also being investigated for two other unsolved cases of missing people in Berezovska, a suburb of Khabarovsk city in eastern Russia.

A judge ordered the unnamed woman to be held in detention for two months as a murder investigation was launched.

She denies killing the 52-year-old man, according to reports.

Internal organs of the tenant including his bowels were found in her fridge, stated news reports citing law enforcement.

The case came to light after shocked children playing near their apartment block found a man's severed arm.

Police soon discovered more dismembered remains in a number of plastic bags.

Fingerprints from the body parts led to the identification of the Ukrainian, say reports.

There were local claims that the woman is suspected of cannibalism but these have not been confirmed by the Russia Investigative Committee.

However, a law enforcement source told local news outlet DVHab: “The bowels and other inner organs of the man were found in her fridge – and she threw away the bones.

“But the dogs smelled the blood and carried the body parts all around the area.”

Traces of blood were found in her flat, according to police reports.

She worked for many years as a slaughter woman. So she had no regrets that she kills living beings.

Neighbours reported hearing “loud knocks in her apartment until almost midnight, as if somebody was using an axe”.

Another woman tenant went missing some years ago, along with a large sum of her money, and her passport was found by police in the woman’s flat, it was claimed.

And a teenage neighbour disappeared in another unsolved case which is now being re-examined, according to local media reports.

Neighbours had alleged previously complained of the pensioner “torturing cats”.

The committee said: “For the sake of the investigation we cannot disclose more information.”

The suspect is known to have worked at the local pig farm.

But she was also invited by local farmers to slaughter their animals.

Newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets reported: "She had a firm hand.

"Besides, she was not sentimental.”

Leading Russian psychiatrist and criminologist Mikhail Vinogradov was quoted by the newspaper saying: “She worked for many years as a slaughter woman.

“So she had no regrets that she kills living beings. This was her job.”

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