Monty Panesar's disastrous Celebrity Mastermind appearance sends Twitter wild with his hilariously wrong answers

The famed bowler, 36, wasn’t quite out for a duck but was left in a spin after putting in a cringeworthy performance on Friday.

Things started going wrong in the general knowledge round when he answered “Dreamboys” to the question: “In what 1997 film do a group of Sheffield men become strippers for a night at their local working men’s club?”

The correct answer was The Full Monty.

He was then asked which city the German football team played its home internationals until 2001.

He replied: “Athens” – with the capital of Greece being some distance from Munich.

Responding to the question about which season was “fruitful and mellow,” according to poet John Keats, he replied “Oliver Twist”.

Even host John Humphreys couldn’t suppress a giggle at that one as he revealed it was autumn.

When asked which city the sitcom Cheers was set in, Monty answered: "America" instead of Boston.

Social media commentators were unforgiving and tore into the former England ace.

One wrote on Twitter: “@MontyPanesar has been on two different quiz programmes tonight! He just hasn't got a clue unless it's a question about cricket!!? He was asked the German city where Germany played their home games… his answer…. Athens!????”

Another described Monty’s performance as a “nightmare”.

A third added: “I’ve now spent two hours captivated by this and settled on my highlight: when given the choice of four seasons and he answers 'Oliver Twist.'"

While a fourth was a little more sympathetic, writing: “Never felt more sorry for someone than watching Monty Panesar crumble on #CelebrityMastermind the “wtf am I doing here” look in his eyes was too much!!"

The episode of Celebrity Mastermind featured guests including classical singer Camilla Kerslake, Coronation Street actor Sean Wilson and comedian Terry Alderton, with money raised by the contestants going to charity.

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