Where is Storm Dierdre, what's the latest weekend weather forecast and when will it hit the UK?

An official title is yet to be issued – but will you be hit by the extreme weather this weekend?

Where is Storm Deirdre?

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for the whole of Northern Ireland, southwest Scotland, a large area northwest of Dundee and southwest of Aberdeen in Scotland, southwest England and southwest Wales.

Coastal areas will be particularly affected by spray and large waves.

Heavy rain is set to fall on the entire country tonight, sweeping over from the west.

The rain will begin in Northern Ireland, Wales and southwest England on Friday afternoon, spreading to the rest of the UK by 9pm.

Overnight, the rain will continue to move across leaving drier weather in the west and the last of the rainfall clearing by Saturday mid-morning.

But the clear skies won't last long as another sweep of rain appears from the west on Saturday afternoon.

Rain will fall throughout the day along the south coast of England and the north of Scotland.

These showers will continue into Sunday and thunderstorms will hit Cornwall on Sunday morning.

By midday Sunday light rainfall will cover the whole of England and will clear by Sunday night, except for Cornwall where thunderstorms will return.

How bad is Storm Deirdre?

Warnings include a few homes and businesses flooded, spray and flooding on roads and sea fronts and and coastal communities affected by spray and large waves.

Journey times will be longer as delays are expected on roads, railways, air and ferry transport.

There could be short-term loss of power and other services.

Winds will reach 60mph in exposed and coastal regions.

50mm rain is likely to fall in many areas.

What is the forecast for the weekend?

Forecaster Alex Deakin said: "Out in the Atlantic there is a deepening area of low pressure.

"That is going to be a big player in the weather through the next few days.

"The isobars start to squeeze together – that means the winds will be picking up through the day and these weather fronts will be bringing bands of rain across all areas.

"We do have a yellow weather warning in force for wind and rain on Friday.

"Heavy rain initially across western Scotland, west Wales – it does tend to fizzle out as it makes its way towards parts of the Midlands and more central parts of Scotland.

"That active weather system sweeps in later in the day turning things wet in the afternoon across northern Ireland, Wales and south west England.

"The winds picking up as well, it's actually coming up from the south so the air is not cold – the temperatures will be in double digits, maybe up into the low teens and feeling quite mild – although obviously it'll feel colder because of the strength of the wind.

"The rain continues to work its way in through the afternoon and evening.

"We have warnings in force for parts of Wales, south west England, northern Ireland and across parts of Scotland too.

"That rain continues its way towards the east coast where it'll reach later in the evening.

"But for many Friday evening's rush hour isn't going to be very pleasant. It'll be wet, blustery, a lot spray and water on the roads.

"The winds are likely to reach 40mph, maybe 50mph inland but at the coasts we could see gusts of 60mph, accompanied by high waves – that could bring some coastal flooding.

"Through the course of Friday evening that weather tracks its way into north east Scotland, but once that band has cleared into the North Sea, we're then left with some sunshine and a whole host of showers.

"With showers, they'll come and go because of the brisk wind – although the winds on Saturday won't be as lively as they will be on Friday.

"It's going to be a blustery, boisterous weekend. Temperatures will be 10 to 14 degrees, so not cold, and more sunshine and showers to come on Sunday."

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