Prince Charles: Harry and Meghan's Wedding Will Be ‘Special’

Someone’s excited! Prince Charles seemed eager for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fast-approaching wedding day while talking with reporters on Wednesday, May 9. “I’m sure it’ll be a very special day for everybody,” the royal, 69, said during a visit to Nice, France, according to ET Canada. He added that he is feeling “obviously marvelous” about the big day. Duchess Camilla […]

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Meet the Stylish Women Who Married Into Royalty

The royals have been a source of sartorial inspiration since the start of time, but even more notable are the stylish women who have married into royalty. From Grace Kelly and Princess Diana to Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, a look back at the women who prove you don’t have to be born into royalty to dress the part. Mary […]

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Jane Fonda's Sex Years Are Behind Her 

Jane’s Fonda probably isn’t impressed with you, gentlemen. In fact, there’s probably not much you could do for her. The 80-year dropped a major personal update earlier this week: she’s celibate. We know she’s unquestionably beautiful with a body that could rival a Jenner-Hadid’s, but when it comes to getting it on, she’s called for a no-fly zone. “I’m 80 […]

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