11 of Melania Trump's Most Awkward Moments With the President in Honor of First Lady's Birthday

The first lady sure knows how to wriggle out of any uncomfortable situation, like holding her husband’s hand.

Melania Trump turned 48 Thursday, and in honor of her birthday, TooFab decided to round up her most precious moments with husband Donald Trump.

But we couldn’t find many of those, so we just settled for 11 awkward AF moments, instead.

It goes without saying that being married to the President of the United States must be difficult — especially this President of the United States — and the First Lady has a habit of showcasing her displeasure in public.

From hand slapping to air kissing, there’s no shortage of footage of Melania shutting the Donald down. In honor of President Trump’s third wife’s birthday, here are 11 of the couple’s most cringeworthy moments.

The Air Kiss

The most recent awkward moment came this week when President Trump met with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron. Melania wore a wide-brimmed white hat, forcing her husband to settle for air kisses instead of landing his lips on her face.

Many on Twitter speculated Melania wore that hat for a reason. Brigitte, unfortunately, had to endure the president’s polite PDA, receiving a peck on each side of her face. We’re confident other world leaders’ wives were watching, and we won’t be surprised if more them start wearing wide-brimmed hats when visiting the White House.

The Hair Fix


Back in May of 2017, Melania demonstrated expert hand-holding evasion upon arriving in Rome with her husband. It was so good, we recommend other unhappy wives takes notes. If your hubby reaches for your hand in public, just pretend you need to fix your hair instead.

The Hand Slap

Less subtle, but just as effective was Melania literally slapping her husband’s hand away from hers upon arriving in Tel Aviv, Israel, in May of 2017. She was rocking a killer pair of black shades, too, making her look like a total boss while so coldly rejecting the tiny form of PDA from her husband.

The Inauguration Scowl


Melania sure knows how to look like she’s happy for her husband, but only when he’s looking directly at her. She flashed him a big smile during his inauguration when he turned to say something to her, then it was quickly replaced with a cold scowl as soon as he looked away.

The Obama Greet


Another awkward moment that inspired a flood of memes also took place on Inaugration Day. When Barack and Michelle Obama greeted the couple in front of the White House, Trump left his wife in the dust to meet the president he’d be replacing.

Perhaps this is what was on Melania’s mind during the previously mentioned awkward moment?

The National Anthem


Slovenian-born Melania had to remind the President of the United States to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem to kick off the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll. This is especially amusing considering how much POTUS had to say about NFL players "disrespecting the flag" while kneeling during the anthem before football games as a form of protest.

The OG Air Kiss

The president and first lady have been air kissing since his inauguration, but at least in this instance, his lips landed somewhere in the ballpark of her’s. If we were to judge the health of their relationship based on the distance between their lips during air kisses, we’d rule it to be on the rocks.

The Weird Handshake

When Melania introduced Trump on stage at an event at Joint Base Andrews last September, Trump decided to give his wife a casual handshake instead of, uh, treating her like his wife. But in his defense, maybe she requested the handshake, because she clearly isn’t into PDA. The real question: Did Melania use Purell after this shake?

The Wrist Twist

Melania’s hands are like fish to the Donald. Anytime he gets a grip, she quickly wriggles out of it. This was another gem from his inauguration day.

The Inauguration Dance

We’ll let the YouTube comments that we found under this video do the commentary for us:

  • "Who else find them dancing together awkward? They seem distant. It is almost like they are forced… lol"

  • "They dance like they’ve never touched each other before lol"

  • "All that money and nobody thought it would be a good idea to pay for some dance lessons?"

  • "Damn they are dry as hell… wow he’s stepping on her feet"

The Couple Comparison

When Michelle Obama approached President Barack Obama at Trump’s inauguration, he immediately gripped her hand and gave it a kiss. Awww.

When Melania approached her husband, they made eye contact. Uh. Awww…?

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