13 Times The KarJenners Have Looked Like Megan Fox, Olivia Culpo, & Other Celeb Hotties

The KarJenner sisters are already five of the most stunning women in Hollywood, but sometimes their looks echo those of the celebs around them. See their best look-alike photos with other stars like Megan Fox!

Being told you look like a famous person can be one of the greatest compliments – that is, of course, if the celeb is good looking and not like, Danny DeVito. (No offense to Danny DeVito!) But do you ever wonder how stars feel about being compared to their peers? Sure, there are some like Amy Adams and Isla Fisher, or all of the Chrises, who can joke about their similar features, but what would someone like Kim Kardashian feel about being told she looks like Megan Fox? I’m not sure, but I’m going to do it anyway! Because I have eyes and I can clearly see that these brunette bombshells have strikingly similar facial features.

But it’s not just Kim who has celebrity doppelgängers. It’s all of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters! Seriously, have you ever seen a side-by-side comparison of Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski? The modeling industry is apparently bigger than you think since two of the same person can both have incredibly successful careers. Kendall also looks like rising model (and iconic model Cindy Crawford‘s daughter) Kaia Gerber. Hey, if a look works, why not hire three women with the exact same one to pose for your perfume company?

Honestly, the only sister that doesn’t have an obvious celeb twin is Kylie Jenner. Unless you count her own sisters which I don’t because that’s not a coincidence; that’s just Kris Jenner‘s DNA. But yeah, congrats Kylie on looking the most original, I guess! You and your multi-million dollar cosmetics company did that! But if you wanna see which stunning celebs all the other KarJenner women look like, then get clicking through the gallery above!

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