50 Cent Disses French Montana As Rappers’ Feud Rages On: ‘Get Ya Weight Up’

50 Cent is ending the decade the way he started it: trolling. Fiddy took another shot at French Montana over their Bugatti-based beef by saying his rival isn’t even in his ‘weight’ class.

On the even of 2020, 50 Cent wasn’t ready to let “auld acquaintance be forgot.” Quite the opposite. Fiddy, 44, was still going hard on French Montana, 35, over “Bugatti-gate.” These two rappers started clashing over a car, and 50 kept up the barrage on Dec. 31. “Wrench Montana, you know the Vibes, f-cking with them old joints,” 50 Captioned a ‘shopped photo of French as a mechanic. “Get ya weight up n!gga you still working for [Sean “Puffy” Combs.]”

However, it seems Fiddy has found a worthy opponent in French, who hasn’t backed down in this feud. 50’s “Diddy-diss” came after French posted a series of IG posts that mocked 50. “HEY DINOSAUR …A GUY PULLED UP ON ME IN A CAR THAT COST TWO MILLION DOLLARS …..THAT I LIKED AND I PAYED FOR IT UNDER 10k MILES TRUE STORY… IM PETTY TWO DINOSAUR,” wrote French in a lengthy IG post. After that, he shared a picture that transformed 50 into Tekashi 6ix9ine. Then, after that, French shared a clip that insinuated that 50 borrowed three Ferraris for his 2007 appearance on MTV’s Cribs.

“BACK TO BACKKKKK FOR THE FINISH …..Ferrari club!!!! OHHHHHHHHH DAMMMMNNNNNN HOW DARE YOU TALK ABOUT MY 2 million DOLLAR BUGATTI MR 59  WHEN YOU STUNTING WITH ANOTHER NI–A’s CARS ON NATIONAL TV …….THE RAT IS OUT THE BAG YOU TRIED TO BULLY THE WRONG ONE TODAY,” wrote French. If that wasn’t enough, French delivered another video of him posing in front of his Bugatti.

“IGHT LAST ONE,” wrote French. “59 where you at so I can pick you up ?? This my last post about you [dinosaur] had to put this up before people say I spray painted my seats lol THIS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY AND BULLY SOMEBODY WITH THE WRONG INFORMATION, U DONKEY ! if you slide to the right, or go on his page, you’ll see this video with a Bugatti he claiming is mines.. with pop smoke in it! I don’t know where he got it from ….. I’ma let u see for yourself that he a sucker and just hatin for no reason. I JUST CAME OUT OF ICU, YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY FOR ME! U can’t assassinate my character 59.”

To recap: this whole feud started after French was released from the ICU, following a nine-day stay reportedly due to exhaustion, dehydration, severe stomach pains, and an irregular heart rate. His condition was possibly due to contaminated food and/or his busy travel schedule, per Complex. A month after his exit, French shared a video in front of his new $1.5 Bugatti and claimed he was the first person in New York with such a car.

After hearing this, 50 claimed that French’s car was a 2010 Veyron Bugatti, an older model. (Fiddy has reportedly bought a 2020 Bugatti Chiron, reportedly worth $3 million.) French didn’t appreciate Fiddy’s comments and told his hater to “take your jean shorts with ashy knees, and the two-tone du-rag back to Connecticut to that hunted house … Boi u a dinosaur lol.”


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