50 Cent Receives A $4 Million Offer For His Multi-Room Mansion With A Built-In Strip Club

50 Cent has been trying to unload his mansion for some time.

When 50 Cent first became famous, he bought himself a sprawling and enviable mansion in a tiny Connecticut suburb. The G-Unit capo and executive producer of Power had a home that boasted more than 52 rooms, including a built-in strip club.

The home was referenced — and filmed in — in the hit G-Unit song “Groupie Love,” and was the site of the first-ever G-Unit documentary that is entirely NSFW and therefore will not be included here. (Google, however, is free and available.)

Now, however, the “In Da Club” rapper is looking to get rid of the mansion — probably because no one needs all those rooms — and is doing everything in his power to advertise the home to potential buyers.

That includes going on the show Million Dollar Listing.

According to the Daily Mail, 50 Cent — whose real name is Curtis Jackson — received an offer for a paltry $4 million from Fredrik Eklund, the lead broker on Million Dollar Listing.

Despite the fact that it was an all-cash offer, and an “as is, where is” condition — meaning that no inspection was necessary — Fif hesitated with his answer, and didn’t feel as though it was a decent offer for what all the house contained.

The house is listed on Zillow and has a price tag of nearly $5 million.

In addition to all the other amenities that the estate offers, 50 Cent included customized artwork from his G-Unit days, including the cover of Lloyd Banks’ hit album The Hunger for More and the cover of Fif’s hit breakthrough album Get Rich or Die Trying.

Originally, Fif bought the mansion from Mike Tyson. In 2003, he paid a grand total of $4.2 million, so he wouldn’t be making a big profit on the sale of this mansion if he accepted the $4 million offer.

The mansion, which has 51,000 sq. ft. under roof, also boasts an indoor pool and hot tub, a night club, multiple game rooms, a green screen room, a recording studio, a gym, a conference room, and a home theater. In addition, the 21-bedroom house has a pool, grotto, pond, basketball court, guesthouses, and gardens.

Though, in the preview, it didn’t look like it went well for Eklund, fans of the show Million Dollar Listing can tune in tonight on Bravo to see how, ultimately, it went for Eklund.

Judging from the Zillow listing, however, it looks like 50 Cent’s house is still for sale, so if you have a few spare million lying around the house — check your couch for the spare change! — you, too, can live in opulence.

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