6ix9ine Brags About Having ’23 Million Followers’ After Blueface’s Instagram Gets Deleted

The ‘GOOBA’ rapper, who has been feuding with the ‘Outside’ spitter for days, compares his achievements to his rival’s, including having more than ‘2 dozen platinum hits.’

AceShowbiz6ix9ine and Blueface‘s online spat has yet to be over. Shortly after the “Outside” spitter slammed the former for getting his Instagram account deleted, the “GOOBA” rapper bragged about having “23 million followers” on social media.

6ix9ine offered his two cents after Akademiks shared on Instagram a screenshot of Blueface’s tweets. The 25-year-old wrote, “Ak stop posting me with this [clown emoji]. I know you’re cool with the fight people who setting his fight up and HOPE I will ever give this man a career.”

“I have 23 million followers he has 0. I have a net worth of 10 million his is 0,” the New York native further boasted. “I have over 2 dozen platinum hits he has 1 song. You can’t compete where u don’t compare.”

In the original posts, Blueface alleged, “Pay close attention. He reported all my post for bullying and deleted his skit. Playing victim like he did in court. My IG be back up shortly.” He added in another tweet, “Mans came for me got his feelings hurt so he did what rats do an snitched.”

Blueface and 6ix9ine started feuding after the latter poked fun at the “Respect My Cryppin” rhymer’s new head tattoo dedicated to his jeweler. “He definitely owed them money for unpayed jewelry,” he mocked at that time.

Upon seeing the comment, Blueface hit back at 6ix9ine. He took to Instagram Story to unveil videos of the latter’s alleged homeless father and some of his baby mama Sara Molina, where she accused him of not providing for their daughter.

Blueface even challenged 6ix9ine to a boxing match. After sharing a video of 6ix9ine admitting his abusive behaviour to Sara, he argued, “Tender d**k problems, beat me up sense you like dat with the female.” The “TROLLZ” emcee, however, laughed it off by replying, “LMAOOOOO this man wants this beef so bad right now I’m kinda starting to think he NEEDS this promo for his fight. I’m done responding.”

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