'90 Day Fiancé': Erika Owens Finally Admits to Using Botox and Fillers

Speculating on the work celebrities have or have not had done on their bodies is practically its own hobby. Famous people’s faces are more frequently photographed, recorded, and sent out into the world, so it makes sense that they would face more scrutiny when it comes to their changing appearances.

Reality TV stars are among the celebrities who get put under the microscope when it comes to determining their plastic surgery pasts, and fans are convinced that 90 Day Fiancé star Erika Owens has been under the knife. 

Owens finally admitted to using Botox and fillers to smooth out her appearance, but will fans be satisfied with that response? 

Erika Owens was part of an explosive couple 

The premise of 90 Day Fiance is that the show follows couples who have been dating — often online and long distance — and are ready to take their relationship to the next level. The catch is that these international couples come together with a special visa that has a ticking clock attached to it. Will they decide to tie the knot before the time runs out? Erika Owens is an Australian who drew attention for being half of one of the show’s few same-sex couples. 

Her time on the show largely centered around a relationship with a woman named Stephanie Matto. The pair had been chatting online, and Matto had come across as sexy and flirtatious, but when she showed up in Australia to stay with Owens and get serious, her personality shifted. She became much more conservative and reserved, barely wanting to hold hands with her would-be partner.

Ultimately, the pair were clearly not a good match. Many fans even speculated that Matto was dishonest about her sexuality in order to gain fame on the show, but Owens didn’t go so far as to back up those claims. Instead, she focused on being true to herself and understanding that a relationship with Matto was not part of that process. “If I had known that a lot of the aspects of my lifestyle were dealbreakers for Stephanie, I would have said, ‘Don’t worry about coming,’” Owens explained. 

Erika Owens is a fan favorite

Owens’ colorful personality and bold confidence in herself has earned her a lot of fans. Most breakups on the show result in viewers taking sides over who is to blame, and fans flocked to defend Owens in the wake of her breakup from Matto. Fans took to social media to comment on the situation. One wrote, “Stephanie is a user, she would have sucked you dry of all your beautiful colors.” The sentiment seemed to be shared across Owens’ fan base. 

Part of Owens’ appeal is her very flashy persona complete with brightly colored hair and stunning makeup. Fans manage to dig up an old photograph of Owens, however, that showcased what she looked like before she had taken on this public role. While some fans simply used the photograph to remark on her natural beauty beneath the flashier persona, others took it as an opportunity to speculate about her plastic surgery habits. Her lips, in particular, became a point of debate. Had Owens had work done?

Erika Owens is now promoting cosmetic enhancement


There’s no longer any question about whether Owens has had procedures done on her face. In fact, the young star is being very upfront and positive about her experience — so much so that she has started using her social media feed to advertise for TOX Aesthetics. A recent sponsored post featured a close-up shot of Owens’ face with the caption praising the brand that read in part, “did you know they do soooo much more than just anti wrinkle and fillers?” 

Fans have been skeptical of this professional relationship. “[I] really like [E]rika but [I] just wonder what 24-year-old needs [B]otox?” one Reddit commenter wrote.

On another Reddit thread, a commenter pointed out that the advertisement was uncomfortable: “Something about people promoting Botox/fillers on Instagram for profit kind of rubs me the wrong way. Get them if you want, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s such a persona[l] choice and this kind of shilling feels like they’re trying to glamorize it.”

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