’90 Day Fiance’ Star Tim’s ‘Big Secret’ Allegedly Exposed: He’s Seeing Other Women

While dating Colombian model Jennifer on the reality show, the gun business owner has reportedly been visiting other women when he travels to Honduras and Colombia.

AceShowbiz -“90 Day Fiance” star Timothy’s “big secret”, which has been teased on the show for several weeks now, has allegedly been exposed. After numerous speculations about what his secret is, MTO News comes up with new claims that Tim is cheating on Colombian model Jennifer, whom he’s dating on the reality show.

According to the site, Tim has been seeing at least two other women who live in Honduras and Colombia. The successful gun business owner reportedly made a trip to Honduras late last year to meet up with this “attractive young woman.” He allegedly posted numerous photos from his trip a year ago, along with a couple of videos featuring the Honduran beauty.

The North Carolina-based guy previously revealed on his website that he visits Latin America frequently. He once wrote, “I have traveled much of South and Central America over the years and I always end up being the only American wherever I am at. I love to travel to Mexico, Colombia and Honduras to observe the culture.”

Tim, who first visited Jennifer in Colombia in March of this year, has reportedly made a trip to the country six months earlier to hook up with another woman. Insiders at TLC claim that “Tim was not completely honest about his previous excursions to Latin America,” which likely will be revealed later on the show.

Tim himself previously urged fans on Instagram to guess what his “big secret” is. “The most creative answer in comments will get a personal video shoutout by me!” he posted in August.

When one offered up a theory that Tim likes dating Colombians because he’s smuggling guns to the country, he quickly debunked it. “Hahaha I don’t have an import or export license so I only do business in the United States,” he laughed at the speculation. “I saw someone post that they ‘researched’ me extensively and found out I was doing all my gun business in Dubai. Hahaha I’ve never even been to the Middle East. I really think people just sit around and brain storm this s**t.”

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