Abby Lee Miller Shares Gruesome Pic Of Her Surgery Incision & Jokes About ‘Being Stabbed In The Back’

Reality star Abby Lee Miller just shared a photo following her spinal surgery! Warning: This pic is kinda graphic!

Despite her health issues Abby Lee Miller looks like she’s finding the humor in things! The 51-year-old Dance Moms star just shared a photo of her incision following emergency spinal surgery on April 18. In the pic, someone who appears to be her doctor gives a thumbs up over her stapled-up back. “This gives a whole new meaning to being stabbed in the back!” she playfully captioned the post-operation image.

Fans will remember that she was recently released from prison after serving 8 months behind bars for bankruptcy fraud. She’s since been living in a halfway house in Long Beach, CA. That’s where she was when she began experiencing serious neck pain and lost feeling in one of her arms. She was soon rushed to the hospital for the procedure. What was original thought to be an infection turned out to be cancer — non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

This gives a whole new meaning to being stabbed in the back! ??

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“We’re getting an oncologist involved and we have to figure out what the next steps are as far as chemotherapy or radiation or more spine surgery. Depending on the tumor type, depending on the sensitivity of the tumor – it just depends [on] the type but I feel more than yes, she will undergo chemotherapy or radiation,” Dr. Hooman M. Melamed, an orthopedic spine surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital, told People concerning Abby’s treatment. “If we didn’t do something, she was going to die.”

Abby’s doctor added that, “There’s a chance this can spread to any part of the body…this is probably coming from somewhere else. We don’t know where the source is. Any tumor that spreads anywhere is automatically Stage 4, but we have not determined the stage yet.” Stage 4 is the worst kind of cancer, so let’s hope this isn’t the case for Abby.

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