Adoption finally helped ‘RHOD’ star Brandi Redmond understand her parents

Adoption didn’t just bring Brandi Redmond an adorable baby boy, it also brought her closer to her parents.

“I have been asked several times, ‘Do you feel a difference between your children that you had biologically versus the adoption?’” Redmond recently told Page Six.

“I actually have an adopted little brother and I never understood my parents,” she said. “That sounds really bad, but I just didn’t understand. They had three children and then they brought a baby into our home. I didn’t understand why would you do that? You already had three you know?”

“It’s definitely a gift and once I had Bruin I realized that I think — for the first time I understood and that unconditional love is just a gift,” she teared up.

Redmond revealed in May that she and her husband Bryan adopted Bruin Charles through a closed adoption shortly after his Dec. 31 birth. She revealed on the second season of “The Real Housewives of Dallas” that she had suffered a miscarriage and she had Bryan decided to stop trying for another child.

She told us that their daughters Brinkley, 6, and Brooklyn, 9, are “adjusting extremely well” to their new brother, despite a few heartbreaking moments that were captured by Bravo’s cameras.

“Once we kinda get into the groove of it you’re going to see kind of the shock value of it,” she teased. “Of Brinkley realizing she’s not the baby anymore and it kind of — she definitely has some tearjerker moments. It caused me to just kind of lose it as well. Nobody wants their babies to be upset! And then Brooklyn realizing that I wasn’t going to be there as much for her as I had been in the past. Like I need help taking her to gymnastics and all the activities that they’re involved in. So you see me adjusting in a major way and I think it’s very relatable to a lot of families. It impacts the parents but it definitely impacts the children.”

Now, Redmond, 40, is enjoying being a mom of three, telling us: “Being a mom of three is chaotic but it’s fun. It’s one of those things that I never thought was going to happen … my life is crazy right now, I’ll just tell you that!”

“My husband, he travels quite a bit with his company and so normally in the summers we bounce around with him to his different properties, and now we have to stay put in one place and so my girls are like, ‘I’m bored! I’m bored’ and I’m like ‘I’m not bored! I got a lot going on!’”

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