Aerosmith Signs With ReignDeer Entertainment

Aerosmith has signed a management deal with ReignDeer Entertainment/Maverick’s Larry Rudolph, according to Billboard.

Rudolph, who has been handling the band’s lead singer Steven Tyler‘s solo career since 2014, manages Britney Spears and Pitbull as well. Previously, Rudolph had worked with Trudy Green and the late Howard Kaufman for almost two decades.

The deal has been signed ahead of Aerosmith’s 50th anniversary in 2020. Although, no celebrations have been officially been confirmed as yet, the band is expected to make an announcement, possibly about a new tour, on August 15, when they are scheduled to play the Citi Concert Series on Today.

Guitarist Joe Perry reportedly told the Atlantic City Weekly in April, “In 2019 we will be closing in on our 50th anniversary, so we are planning some dates and a tour to celebrate that. Right now we are pretty much laying low and finishing up some solo things before we start that.”

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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