After Joe Jonas Reveals his Fiancee Was a Belieber, Hailey Bieber Admits She Was a Jonas Brothers Fan

Even though Justin Bieber apparently is struggling a bit with the pressures of wealth and fame, it must have felt nice to hear Joe Jonas reveal that not only is his fiancee Sophie Turner a big Bieber fan, but that he is too. That is, it probably felt great until Justin’s own significant other, wife Hailey Bieber, had a big reveal of her own to share with the “Sorry” singer.

Justin shared a some funny cell phone video of himself and Hailey on his Instagram Stories. The two appeared to be traveling with each other on a private jet.

In the video, Hailey is holding her hands over her face as she confesses that, when she was younger, she was actually a big fan of the Jonas Brothers. As Hailey mumbles her confession through her hands, Justin can be heard repeatedly yelling “What?” Finally, Hailey just shouts out “I was a Jonas Brother fan! I’m sorry!” as she tumbles laughing into Justin’s lap.

Over the clip, Justin wrote “JOE ITS MUTUAL,” in an apparent message to Joe Jonas. You can check out Hailey breaking the news to Justin in the video below.

(Image source: Hailey Bieber Instagram account)

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