Afternoon Crumbs

Snooki announced that she’s got her third meatball growing in her womb. Who knew that the pickle fucker of the olden days who used to piss on club floors and got arrested for acting a drunken wreck on the beach would grow up to be a responsible and wonderful mother of several humans. The truth is, I don’t know Snooki’s mothering skills, but I say “responsible” and “wonderful,” because if you told me in 2010 that she’d become a mother and wouldn’t trade any of her kids for a bottle of Fireball, I’d scream at a judge to 5150 you – Just Jared

Michael Avenatti will not face felony charges for allegedly assaulting a woman, but there’s a chance he could be charged with a misdemeanor. While one side is screaming that this is a set up and the other is calling him a bald-headed fraud, I’m wondering how The View’s booking department is handling this, because it seems like whenever they are desperate and need a guest, they say, “Get Stormy’s bald lawyer who everyone creams over.”  – The Washington Post 

Mariah Carey and every old gay uncle who uses the word “fantabulous” are not amused by the full title for Birds of Prey – Lainey Gossip

Okay, but instead of clapping back at haters, Paola Mayfield should be using her hands to slap whoever did that to her hair – Reality Tea

Netflix made a deal with the devil over using a Baphomet statue in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – OMG Blog

So I guess this means that the Sad Keanu doll is going to be in Toy Story 4 – Pajiba

And finally, here’s Zac Efron getting all butch while topping a hot stallion – Kenneth In The (212)


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