Ageless Michelle Pfeiffer looks incredible as she celebrates 60th birthday

That Pface looks Pfamiliar!

Movie beauty Michelle Pfeiffer is 60 on Sunday – and she hardly looks a day older than in her first hit 35 years ago.

Since starring in Scarface opposite Al Pacino in 1983 she has lit up blockbusters like Dangerous Liaisons, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Batman Returns and Hairspray.

She took a career break to bring up her two children with TV producer and writer husband David E. Kelley.

But recently she has won plaudits for roles including last year’s Murder on the Orient Express and Mother!

Michelle gave up smoking and drinking in her 20s…

Maybe that’s why her memorable lines are only on screen and not on her face.

The stunner’s ageless beauty earned her a mention in Bruno Mars’ chart-topping hit Uptown Funk.

And she said she was "incredibly flattered" to be compared to white gold in the song.

However, it didn’t come without some "embarrassing" consequences.

The blonde beauty recently said that she can’t help but cringe when the song comes on the radio if she’s in the car with her kids or in the gym.

But either way, she said she’s a huge fan of the song.

The song, released in 2014, wasn’t even the only track she was mentioned in that year.

Her name was also dropped in Vance Joy’s Riptide.

Talking about the songs during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, she said: "I think somebody emailed me, and first it was that Riptide song and now the Bruno Mars song and I’m like ‘what’s going on’."

She added: "I was incredibly flattered. It was very cool. It’s a little embarrassing at times. Car pool with the kids and the song comes on and my sons like…"

Michelle then pulled an angry face and mouthed the word "apologies".

She continued: "Or I’m in an exercise class and the song comes on."

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