‘AGT’: Rapper, 14, Scores Chris Hardwick’s Golden Buzzer After Emotional Performance

‘AGT’ has seen many sad stories, but this one may top all of them. Watch a 14-year-old rapper’s performance that won Chris Hardwick’s golden buzzer, and the heartbreaking story behind it.

One contestant’s backstory and performance stunned America’s Got Talent guest judge Chris Hardwick, 46, so much, he had to hit the coveted golden buzzer. For the reality competition show’s Aug. 7 episode, a 14-year-old contestant named Flau’jae came on stage for the most recent round of judge cuts. Before starting her rap for the judging panel, Simon Cowell, 58, encouraged her to share the tragic inspiration behind it. “My dad, his name was Camouflage, he was a rapper, up-and-coming. He was going to be signed to Universal Records but two days before he was gonna sign the contract, he got murdered,” the teen bravely shared. “And my mom was pregnant with me.”

“My whole goal is to continue my father’s legacy. I feel like he died too early,” she continued. “That’s what I feel and I feel like he had a dream, he had things to do so I’ma do it for him.” Flau’jae soon launched into her performance, rapping about her struggle to succeed despite setbacks such as people “stabb[ing] [her] right in the back just to prove [her] wrong.” The camera panned to the young rapper’s mother, who was crying. After the audition, all four judges Simon, Mel B, 43, Heidi Klum, 45, Howie Mandel, 62, and of course, Chris, stood up to applaud. Everyone shared positive feedback. Mel B said that the teenager’s writing “came from the heart” and Howie called her a “star.” But it was Chris who arguably had the highest praise.

“I mean I’m blown away and I was blown away by your audition. I mean I-I have goosebumps and I’m shaking a little because I want to tell you something. At 14 years old, you have the kind of authenticity and honesty that some artists never achieve in their entire lives,” Chris said. “You were not given a chance to have a relationship with your father. You were not given a chance then and I want to make sure you get a chance now.” With that, Chris hit the magical golden buzzer that sends confetti onto the stage and a contestant straight to the live rounds. Flau’jae dropped to the ground in tears, and Chris came on stage to give her a congratulatory hug. Seriously, this was one of AGT’s sweetest moments ever!

Eight other contestants have received the golden buzzer this season: Quin and Misha, Angel City Chorale, Voices of Hope, Makayla Phillips, Amanda Mena, Courtney Hadwin, Michael Ketterer and Zurcaroh. Each judge can only use their special buzzer once throughout the whole season! And as for this episode, the contestants who made it through the judge cuts were Da Republik, Brian King Joseph, Lord Nil, Glennis Grace, Samuel J Comroe and Yumbo Dump.

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