Al Harrington Says The Police Are Targeting Him, Seriously

Ex-NBA player Al Harrington has serious questions about why he’s getting so much attention from the police lately, telling TMZ Sports he truly believes he’s being targeted by the po-po.

You might remember we got video of a police stop involving Al last month — he was pulled over outside of his office in Hollywood for some reason, but never ticketed.

Al claimed the incident was a case of “driving while black,” and said it wasn’t the first time he’d been hassled by police, claiming they’d frivolously stopped him earlier in the summer as well.

We got Al entering a Viola Lifestyle event in Hollywood on Wednesday and he said he’s just been stopped by the police AGAIN, and it’s clear he thinks something is up.

“I think I’m being targeted too.”

The LAPD tells us they take Harrington’s claims “very seriously” and says it is still investigating the situation.

As for Al — a genuinely nice guy — he says some nice things about the cops to our cameraman, but you can tell the concern is real.

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