Alex Bowen to go under the knife after doctors warned he could be left unable to walk

Love Island’s Oliva Buckland has revealed her husband Alex Bowen is set to have an operation on his foot after doctors warned a football injury could leave him unable to walk.

Speaking to new! magazine, reality stunner Olivia explained that if left, Birmingham lad Alex’s injury could become serious.

She said, “It’s a football injury from four years ago. He went to A&E at the time but it was too busy so he left.

“Then recently he got it checked out and they were like, ‘You need to have it done because it could give way at any point and you wouldn’t be able to walk.

Revealing that she’ll have to be on hand to help Alex on the road to recovery, Liv joked, “I’m going to be the one going up and down the stairs looking after him.”

This comes after the pair, who found romance in the second series of Love Island back in 2016, revealed that Alex was offered big bucks to ditch Olivia for another dating show.

After exiting the Love Island villa, it seems TV bosses were sceptical that the reltationship would last, with Alex being offered £40,000 to appear on Channel 4’s Celebs Go Dating.

“You [Alex] were asked to do Celebs Go Dating when we first came out [of Love Island] because they thought we were going to split up!” Olivia told Metro.

“I think he was offered £40,000 for Celebs Go Dating, and he was like ‘no, I’ve got a girlfriend.’ And then we ended up getting engaged so…

“People were so convinced that he would just drop me, that they offered him that to go on it. But he never did.

“There’s a lot of people that would pretend that they weren’t in a relationship and then get back into a relationship when they come out, I know people have done that already!”

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