Alia Shawkat on Jeffrey Tambor: ‘I support the voices of the victims ‘

Alia Shawkat has responded to sexual harassment allegations that have been leveled against her “Arrested Development” co-star Jeffrey Tambor.

“I was surprised, obviously. I’ve known him since I was very young,” she told IndieWire on Sunday at Tribeca Film Festival. “I support the voices of the victims though, whatever they said.”

In February, Tambor was ousted from his role in the Amazon series “Transparent,” after he was accused of sexual harassment by two transgender actresses, Van Barnes and Trace Lysette.

Shawkat, who plays Tambor’s granddaughter on the Ron Howard series “Arrested Development,” said the whole situation is “sad.”

“It’s being handled the way it’s being handled,” she said, referring to “Transparent” and Amazon’s investigations into the claims. ” It’s very … strange. I know a lot of actresses [who] work with people…this is happening to, [but] we don’t have personal understandings of it … And I worked with him on two shows, too, so it’s kind of following me around. I hope it’s all handled legally, the way it should be, and taken into consideration.”

In February, Tambor’s other “Arrested Development” co-star David Cross told amNewYork that a number of the cast members were standing behind him.

“I think it’s very curious that Amazon didn’t make public the results of their internal investigation,” Cross said. “I’m not sure why they would do that. I just know the whole thing is rather curious to me.”

The fifth season of “Arrested Development” is set to air sometime in 2018.

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