Alice Evans Posts Savage 'Apology' To 'Husband's Mistress'

LOLz, this is the woman scorned energy we’re living for!

As you may have heard, Alice Evans has been very vocal about the pain she says she and her daughters are going through after Ioan Gruffudd, her husband of 13 years (they were together for 20!), suddenly abandoned the family.

She found out for sure late last month that there was another woman as suspected — an actress 20 years her junior who had been an extra on the set of his TV show, which he’d been filming in Australia for the past three years.

The Vampire Diaries alum’s main goal seems to have been to keep the Titanic actor from getting away with it as so many husbands do, pointing out the ways in which he was lying and cheating for all to see. Since the new girlfriend, 30-year-old Bianca Wallace, entered the picture, the tone has noticeably shifted. Instead of posting about how sad she was, Alice has shifted into a stage of First Wives Club style snarky revenge. And we are so on board!

Last week she posted an old throwback photo with her now-estranged husband, writing:

“No offence to the ‘New Girfriend’”



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Well, over the weekend she put out an apology to Bianca — albeit an acid-drippingly sarcastic one, in which she wrote:

“I just want to apologize to all those people who felt I was being unkind to Bianca ( my husband’s mistress) by posting a pic of me and my 20 year love together. It must have hurt her a lot, the idea that he may have been still sleeping with his wife, or even taking photos with her. I’m sorry Bianca. He is yours of course.”

ABSOLUTELY SAVAGE! She then reposted the photo but with her ex completely photoshopped out, captioning:

“I’ve taken him out. Now you won’t have to worry.”




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She also had another message for all those who keep telling her to stay quiet when it comes to all this. She wrote:

“PPS: Haters: I don’t read your comments any more. You all say the same thing, clutching your pearls and ranting about ‘pride’ and ‘dignity’. It’s bulls**t. You’re being disingenuous. I have no interest in being proud or dignified. Or of aging gracefully, for that matter, just to throw that in. So go away. I’ll just block you without reading.”

Ha! Way to go, gurl! You don’t need to answer any of these people! They have no idea what you’re going through!

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