Alice Evans Reveals 'Dead-Beat Dad' Ioan Gruffudd Just Won Shared Custody!

Oof, this just keeps getting worse!

Alice Evans revealed way back in January that her husband of 13 years (and partner for 20!!!) Ioan Gruffudd had decided to leave, she says, abandoning her and their two daughters seemingly out of nowhere.

Then in October she learned there had been another woman all along! Alice claims that for many months, Ioan was pretending to still be in love, invested in the relationship, but meanwhile he and an aspiring actress he met on his TV show were carrying on an affair! At least, that’s what the Vampire Diaries alum has heard — so far all we know for sure is that he and Bianca Wallace decided to go Instagram official last month. And sadly that’s apparently when Alice and her daughters found out about it, too. Ouch.

Lately Alice has been on the attack, refusing to take this lying down, doing emotional interviews about her situation. Over the weekend she fired another shot across the Titanic actor’s bow, tweeting:

“So.. you told me all this stuff when you still thought you were going to stay in our very happy 20 yrmarriage, right? Where we share everything?

But then I find out ur willing to dump EVERYTHING and plan to ignore me!

Well then you just stoopid.

I am DROWNING in receipts.”

Oh boy, we cannot wait to see the cost of those receipts! But that will have to wait. For now, Alice, as ever, was open and honest with her followers on social media. So when one asked about that “plan to ignore me” comment, she said Ioan had ghosted her and the kids YET AGAIN!

Per her account, after telling 12-year-old Ella and 8-year-old Elsie that he wouldn’t be able to fly them out to his latest movie set in the south of France this time, that’s when he revealed it was because Bianca was with him, in that now infamous IG post about being able to “smile again.” Barf.

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But his part on the movie wrapped. His girlfriend posted on Instagram about getting back to her dog in Los Angeles. So he should be coming back to see his kids, right?

That, Alice says, did not happen! She tweeted:

“He’s just – gone.

Apparently the job is over.

But he’s not here. He didn’t come back.

It’s like the worst dead-beat Dad ever. Just leaves everything exactly as it is and disappears for a year.

In October, ONE Instagram telling us he’s moved on.

Now nothing”

Oof. It’s hard to imagine a man who just bails on his kids like that getting custody, right? That’s exactly what Alice has been worried about, that Ioan will somehow win custody since he’s become the breadwinner after she gave up her acting career to be a stay-at-home mom (for THEIR family!!!). She’s feared that he (and her replacement Bianca of course) will take the kids from her.

Well, turns out that fear was justified. Half justified anyway. Because on Sunday, Alice tweeted the news that the custody arrangement had been agreed on — and it is going to be down the middle. She wrote:

“just got a horrible letter from lawyer.

I will split the children.

Me 50%
Him ( and partner) 50”

Along with a string of crying face emojis, she added:

“I think I need to rest. It’s all too much for me.”

Oh no. We can’t imagine having to split your children with someone who has hurt you — and apparently them — so badly. After all we’ve heard, we have to wonder, is Ioan even all that interested in being a dad right now?? Sorry ’bout it, but if what Alice has been saying online is true, he’s literally been phoning in being a father lately — and even then not very well. Sad stuff…

Hoping MAJOR healing starts on all sides soon, for the kids’ sake!

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