Alyson Hannigan Loves to Poke Fun at Anthony Head Over His Terrible Romance Advice

When talking about her relationship with husband Alexis Denisof, the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ actress recalls the advice her co-star gave them as the two of them pondered if they should date.

AceShowbizAlyson Hannigan loves reminding her “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” co-star Anthony Head he gives terrible romance advice after he urged her not to date their castmate, Alexis Denisof.

Hannigan and Denisof met on the set of the hit TV show, but he refused to date her because he was “a professional”, so they became great, flirting friends instead, and when he moved to spin-off “Angel”, they checked with other pals to see if they should date.

“We were such good friends…, we had to have a talk, like, ‘Are we gonna mess up our friendship?’ ” Hannigan tells Access Daily. “Tony Head… said, ‘Absolutely do not date! You guys are gonna ruin your friendship…’ and I love to remind him of that every anniversary.”

Hannigan and Denisof wed in 2003 and now have two young daughters, Satyana and Keeva. In January 2020, the 47-year-old expressed interest in starring opposite her actor husband once again. “Oh, that’d be so much fun and honestly, the kids are at such a great age now too where, it’s OK [to do that],” she told Us Weekly.

The actress known for her role as Lily Aldrin in “How I Met Your Mother” went on to add, “Like, in Vancouver, when we were up there, he did go to Atlanta for a little spell and it was hard because you’re navigating in a different country, but we worked it out and stuff. So it’s less like, ‘Oh, well, if you’re going to work, then I can’t work.’ They get it now.”

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