Amanda Holden breaks silence to explain why Paul Potts was axed from BGT

Amanda Holden has broken her silence to explain why Paul Potts got axed from Britain's Got Talent over the weekend.

The telly beauty, 48, didn't have a say in his unfortunate exit as it was decided by 250 fans at Wembley Arena instead of the judges or the viewers at home.

She revealed the audience members with the power to vote were hand-picked by producers out of around 10,000 fans who packed into the venue to watch the pre-recorded episode being filmed.

Amanda, 48, admitted she was surprised that Paul got dumped, but insisted she can't disagree with the decision of the voters because its their choice.

During her appearance on Heart Radio today, she said: "I was stunned by the voting, as I said on Saturday.

"He is our first ever Britain's Got Talent champion, he is an absolute trooper, a gorgeous man, very talented.

"But then you can never argue with people who are voting… if I say I thought it was terrible [the decision], I'm thinking that I'm obviously denying [them their voice].

"There are 250 people in the audience that have the opportunity to vote, there are 10,000 actually watching the show at Wembley, but 250 people producers picked to represent the public.

"He had nothing to be disappointed about – he was absolutely brilliant, he brought the house down and I'm stunned he didn't go through."

After his performance, judge Simon Cowell told ex-salesman Paul that he wasn't blown away, saying: "I'm going to be honest with you Paul.

"I thought you started shaky and then halfway through the song it took me back to your first audition, which was you realising if you don't hit the big notes it's over.

"And that's what happened Paul, you hit the big note when it mattered. What I admire about you is you didn't need to be here tonight and the fact that you care is why you are a champion and always will be a champion."

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