Amber Heard’s Personal Diary Entry About Alleged Johnny Depp Fight Becomes Public

Amber Heard‘s diary entry, allegedly written during her 2015 honeymoon on a train in Southeast Asia, has been made public during Johnny Depp‘s lawsuit against a UK tabloid for calling him a “wife beater.”

“Our fight was terrible. Johnny… at one point found himself with his shirt wrapped around my neck. Amazing to think about (the) precision, co-ordination that required considering the close circumstances… I don’t even know how I wound up with this huge, rather annoying knot on the back of my head. F***, I hate that,” Amber allegedly wrote in her diary (via Deadline). “We finally fell asleep with one another smashed together in desperate, childlike anger, fear and love.”

This diary entry was read aloud while lawyers were questioning Johnny‘s bodyguard Malcolm Connolly.

Malcolm said he never saw Johnny “physically attack or hit” Amber. “I wouldn’t tolerate any man striking a woman. No matter who he was, I just wouldn’t tolerate that,” he added. “Not even if he’s my boss. I don’t care if he’s the Pope.” He did add he had “heard of” instances of Amber attacking Johnny.

At one point in this trial, Johnny revealed which celebrity Amber once labeled as a “rapist.”

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