Amber Portwood Admits She’s Not a Good Mom on Teen Mom: Family Reunion

Just because Amber Portwood is part of Teen Mom: Family Reunion doesn’t mean that her past storylines and problems are over.

During a group activity, Amber confesses something to her castmates: she is not a good mother.

This insightful moment is followed by a lot of questions and concerns from the other moms.

To some, they feel that simply acknowledging that she needs to do better as a parent means that she’s not that bad.

During a group activity, each member of the cast took a turn standing up and making a statement.

Those who felt similarly were then to stand alongside them. The idea is to show them that they’re not alone.

Some of them were affirming, some were lighthearted. One struck a particular chord.

Maci Bookout stood and shared that she has been a “good mom.”

One by one, the other mothers stood to join her in rapid succession.

Amber Portwood, however, remained seated — indicating that she cannot honestly say the same.

Her castmates protested Amber’s accurate self-assessment, encouraging her to stand with them. 

“Sometimes I don’t feel like I am a mom,” Amber confessed in defense of her stance.

“I let my anger kind of take over my life,” she admitted.

“I just wasn’t a good mom,” Amber detailed.

“I wasn’t there for my daughter when she needed me,” she said.

“And I was an addict,” Amber continued, “and in jail for fighting.”

The episode included a flashback from Amber’s early years of being a bad mother.

She was extremely hostile, expressing frustration towards Gary Shirley but toxic and dangerous anger towards little Leah.

In addition to yelling at her daughter, she tried to encourage Gary to use violence to make Leah “learn.” Truly evil stuff.

Amber shared changes that she has attempted to make in order to, perhaps, one day, become a good mom.

She shared that she has tried to “keep being there” for Leah, and present for 3-year-old James when possible.

Amber shared that she has also signed up for anger management classes in order to better process her rage.

“When I went to prison, I turned myself around,” Amber recalled.

“But then,” she said, “I messed up again a couple of years ago.”

That was a clear reference to the night when she was arrested in early July of 2019 for once again attacking her baby daddy.

While not everyone has the ability or inclination to feel sorry for bad parents or domestic abusers, Maci was clearly filled with pity.

”I know things with Amber and her daughter Leah are kinda rocky right now,” she admitted.

“But I want her to believe that she’s a good mom,” Maci expressed.

Maci was not the only castmate to feel sorry for Amber, whether or not she deserves it.

The argument was made that Amber taking classes and acknowledging her failings means that she’s not all that bad.

Of course, some of the cast may have bitten their tongues in light of cameras rolling and Amber’s temper.

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