‘American Idol’s Lionel Richie Compares Katy Perry To Raising Daughter Nicole

Lionel Richie shockingly teased Katy Perry during the ‘American Idol’ finale on May 21 by comparing her personality to the time he was bringing up his daughter Nicole Richie and it was quite the moment. Get the details here!

Lionel Richie, 68, brought on an unforgettable moment during the American Idol finale on May 21 when he jokingly revealed that being around fellow judge Katy Perry, 33, was like raising his daughter Nicole Richie, 36! “Katy Perry is like raising Nicole Richie all over again,” Lionel cheekily said referring to Katy’s spontaneous antics and fun-loving attitude. The comment reminded us of the age difference between Lionel and Katy (like Nicole, she could be his daughter!) but that’s one of the reasons we love the show so much. It brings together musical talent of all ages and genres to judge the contestants and we’ve definitely enjoyed the banter between Lionel and Katy all season.

Although some may have seen Lionel’s comment about Katy as a diss, we see it as a fatherly type of love. After all, Lionel is the most experienced of the three judges on the show and his interactions with Katy and third judge Luke Bryan, 41, have been nothing short of loving. It’s been so much fun to see their jokes and support for each other and the contestants and it reminds us just how wonderful it can be when three different generations can learn from each other!

Through the learning, Katy did make a lot of headlines with her antics this season. From giving a contestant his first kiss to flashing another after falling from dancing, there’s been many OMG! moments. The “Part Of Me” singer has brought a lot of energy and youth to the series and we have to admit that we’ve enjoyed every minute of it! All three judges gave incredible performances with the contestants on the night of the finale reminding us that they’re not just about friendly banter, they’re about talent too!

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