An Alternate 'Avengers: Endgame' Black Widow Death Scene Was Just Released

In a bid to traumatize every Marvel fan all over again, an alternate Avengers: Endgame death scene for Black Widow has been released.

In the footage, released as one of a number of deleted scenes to celebrate the launch of new streaming service Disney+, Natasha Romanoff’s demise is played out in excruciating slow motion.

However, instead of the Clint Barton stand-off we witnessed in the theatrical cut, Scarlett Johansson’s hero is fatally wounded by Thanos’ minions before she ever makes it to the cliff edge.

In the cut scene, Black Widow and Hawkeye disagree on who should sacrifice themselves in order to attain the Soul Stone, but here, before that can unravel, Thanos and his army arrive on Vormir to throw a spanner in the works.

With gunfire rattling around them in every direction, Black Widow makes a break for it and heads to the edge of the cliff, only to be shot numerous times in the process.

Chased by Hawkeye as he fends off enemies with his sword, she finally makes it to the edge and sacrifices herself.

The scene cuts to black with Thanos approaching a distraught Hawkeye, accompanied by the thunderous boom of the Soul Stone’s release.

Although the theatrical cut of Natasha’s death was distinctly more low-key, it was also a lot more powerful – so you can see why the filmmakers opted to keep this one shelved. Keep in mind, though, this isn’t the last we’ll see of Black Widow—her solo movie, appropriately titled Black Widow, hits theaters next May.

From: Digital Spy

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