Angela Deem: I Lost 100 Pounds and It Saved My LIFE!

In a recent interview, Angela Deem shared how she had almost divorced Michael.

But Angela never has a shortage of things to say.

She opened up about her surgeries, her weight loss journey, and more.

Also? Angela has finally given up on the idea of toting an egg.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Angela Deem confirmed that she has lost 100 pounds.

“I’m just so glad that I did it,” she affirmed.

Angela is happy “because my health is so much better now.”

“I feel like if I didn’t have the surgery that I was going to have a heart attack,” Angela expressed.

And she is very eager for fans to see her embark on this journey.

“I’m excited for them to see that when I put my mind to something, I do it,” Angela stated.

“If you feel like your health is going to drag you down,” Angela advised her fans.

“And,” she continued, “if I can help anybody go do this surgery …”

Angela added: “I mean, it is dangerous, but it’s dangerous not getting it.”

Angela did not simply undergo one surgery, but five … all at once.

As she explained, she received the gastric sleeve surgery.

However, she also underwent a breast reduction and liposuction.

Additionally, in the course of the cosmetic work, Angela’s surgeon made two discoveries.

Angela had two hernias that the doctor then fixed while she was under.

The grandmother was unconscious for hours of surgery, and of course had a lengthy recovery.

Angela did stress that she did not undergo a “miracle surgery,” because that’s not what this was.

She has had many months of hard work that followed.

Angela admitted that she no longer enjoys the foods that used to be her favorites, including hamburgers and cake.

“It’ll get you started,” Angela said about the weight loss procedures.

“But,” she warned, “you have to do the lifestyle change with it.”

Angela explained: “because it doesn’t mean you can’t gain the weight back a couple years later. You can.”

“It is a journey,” Angela emphasized.

“There’s a rainbow at the end of it, I’m telling you,” she stressed.

Angela proclaimed: “I’ve never felt so much better in my life.”

Angela was quick to call out that her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, was not supportive.

This lack of support continued even as she recovered from surgery.

This and more will be shown on the new season.

“I can tell you he was a butt,” Angela said. “He was a total ass.”

“I can tell you that I was in this alone,” she lamented.

“You know, I did my boobs and he loved my boobs,” Angela noted.

“I don’t know if it was just him not being a part of it because he’s over there at the time or what,” Angela expressed.

“But,” she noted, “we went through it.”

Though she has finally accepted that she should not “tote” an egg or otherwise be pregnant, she does want to give Michael a child.

“I definitely don’t want to tote the baby no more,” Angela affirmed.

“Of course if he wants it, I want it for him, but we’ll figure it out,” she vowed.

“I definitely won’t tote it,” Angela confirmed. “I’ve come to my senses. I am too old to tote a baby.”

“And if anybody could tote it, I know I could,” Angela stated.

“But why would I want to lose all this weight and do that?” she asked.

Angela announced: “We’ll definitely do a surrogate and hopefully I can get some blood-related egg.”

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