Angelyne Says She Hates Anyone Playing Her, Doing Her Own Film Now

Peacock’s new series, “Angelyne” was a complete fail at capturing the L.A. icon, and it did not do her life’s work justice, at all … at least that’s the real Angelyne‘s review.

The Los Angeles billboard queen tells TMZ … it was painful to watch someone try to be her, and adds Emmy Rossum — the series’ star — was way off in her portrayal. Angelyne went so far as to call the performance unprofessional.

She says she had little to no involvement with the show.

Angelyne did speak to Emmy and granted permission to use her copyrights for music, artwork and billboards. At first, she thought it was a good idea, but later regretted it, calling it a “blonde moment”.

Angelyne says she was the original influencer to inspire folks like Kim K and Paris Hilton … and the show misses the mark, by having an actress pretending to be an influencer. She says, the actress is the complete opposite of her, and it comes off almost like a parody.

We should note, she says she doesn’t think anyone can truly play her — so, it’s less of a personal jab at Emmy, and more about putting ANY actress in the role.

On the upside, it gave her the opportunity to create her own movie — which she says, will premiere this summer and show the ‘real Angelyne,’ from her own experiences, not just a made-up story.

Interestingly, Angelyne’s scorching review is based purely on the trailer for the show. She says she doesn’t plan to watch a single episode.

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