Angry Denise Welch slams CBB’s Roxanne Pallett over Ryan Thomas row

As the Celebrity Big Brother row over THAT Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas scene continues to rumble on, now Denise Welch has had her say.

Earlier today, Emmerdale star Roxanne appeared on Jeremy Vine to apologise for accusing Ryan of punching her during a play-fight on the Channel 5 show.

But following the huge viewer backlash, now Loose Women’s Denise has slammed the actress, saying there’s absolutely no excuse for her behaviour.

‘To be honest, there is nothing she could say that would convince me it wasn’t the most horrific thing I’ve seen on television, on that show’, she told the panellists.

‘The fact is, the only place there isn’t a camera is the toilet. There’s a microphone, but not a camera. If, for example, Roxanne and Ryan had been trying to go in for a sneaky gossip about something and she’d have accused him of something, not only Ryan’s career, but Ryan’s life would be in complete tatters.

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‘Even those of us who didn’t believe her would have to have been perceived to have believed her because of the strength of the #MeToo movement and how we should absolutely take seriously any accusation of violence against a woman.’

This comes after 35-year-old Roxanne alleged that Ryan, 34, had ‘punched her repeatedly in the stomach’ whilst play fighting.

After being warned by Big Brother about how his actions might have been misinterpreted, Ryan later sobbed that he was a ‘broken man’ following the claims.

But despite Roxanne walking out of the CBB house over the weekend, Denise has now claimed that the reality star ‘knew what she was doing’, as she continued: ‘She said she was a victim of domestic violence and for that I feel sorry for anybody.

‘She basically set out to destroy Ryan. She was manipulative, vindictive and I hope we don’t see the likes of her again, because she has done a real disservice to victims of domestic violence, and I’m appalled.’

When co-star Andrea McLean tried to defend Roxy, Denise hit back: ‘I know you have to balance it but I don’t agree with you at all. I think that she knew exactly what she was doing!’

And the LW ladies aren’t the only ones who have hit out at Roxanne, as This Morning host Eamonn Holmes called the actresses apology a ‘PR stunt’.

Sharing a clip from Jeremy Vine, the 58-year-old Tweeted: ‘It would have been better if she hadn’t apologised with this PR stunt. At least there still would have been some doubt over whether she actually believed what she was saying …. however wrong. #CBB.

‘Sometimes it’s good to accept an apology – Sometimes it’s right to say Stick it.’

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