Anthony Scaramucci Says Trump Can Say Anything, Omarosa Tapes Be Damned

Anthony Scaramucci says Omarosa trying to burn President Trump with his own words is likely to backfire … ’cause we’ve already been there and done that, and nothing happened.

We talked to the Mooch about Omarosa’s supposed 200 secret White House tapes that she’s been slowly leaking over the past couple weeks, and he just doesn’t think there’s anything she has that’ll do serious damage to 45. Like he points out … if the Access Hollywood tape couldn’t bring Trump down, nothing probably will at this point. 

Oh, and don’t forget everything else Trump openly said or reportedly said over his near two-year presidency — from calling African countries s**tholes and referring to NFL players as SOBs, to implying neo-Nazis are “very fine people,” and, of course, calling LeBron James dumb … there’s a lot of controversial statements out there. 

As for why Omarosa’s on a tear, Anthony says he gets it. But, he thinks she — and the White House — need to chill out rather than tear each other down. Ha … good luck with that.

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