Ariana Grande Gets On All Fours In Racy Instagram Picture, Fans Go Wild For It

Ariana Grande is getting a bit revealing on Instagram, and it’s a huge hit with her fans.

On Thursday, the pop star took to the social media site to share a picture of herself in some revealing attire while on all fours on top of what looked like a table. In the caption, Ariana posted what appeared to be song lyrics.

“lemme stay…. in my bag… cause i like…. when u mad…. issa mood…. issa vibe…. issa look…. issa match,” she wrote.

The picture gained some viral attention with the singer’s 143.6 million followers, gaining more than 1.3 million likes and plenty of supportive comments.

“Stunning as always,” one person wrote.

“Amazing!” another added.

While it’s not clear if the picture is a tease for a new song, some fans think it may be connected to the release of her new album cover art work this week. As Cosmopolitan noted, Ariana had told fans earlier in the week that she would be releasing song names and cover art, then posted them earlier than expected. The releases are building anticipation for the February arrival of her fifth studio album.

As the report noted, the Thank U, Next album is actually a lot darker for the normally bubbly pop singer.

“Ariana shared the full thing on Twitter, and it’s like a darker version of her other album that just came out six months ago. It’s still super on-brand, though, because it’s flipped upside down, which seems to be her thing now,” the report noted.

In fact, the release of some snippets from the album has some fans thinking that Ariana Grande is going through something of a goth phase. Alt Press noted that fans have taken note of her new “vampy” look and the overall darker and more brooding tone to the album, as the album cover showed her — upside down — wearing black lipstick and

If Ariana Grande is moving into a goth phase, it certainly didn’t show in the viral Instagram photo she posted on Thursday. In the snap, the singer was decked out in a revealing dress with long pink hair as she crawled on what appeared to be a table.

Fans who want to check out the full Thank U, Next album won’t have much longer, as it’s set for release on February 8. Until then, they can keep an eye on Ariana Grande’s Instagram page for any more snippets she’s inclined to share.

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