Ariana Grande Kisses Her Fiance Pete Davidson Onstage During Performance In Los Angeles

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are not shy about showing their love for each other while out in public. While performing at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday, Grande invited her fiance up to the stage and the two engaged in a passionate kiss for the entire audience to see, per People.

Grande might be busy promoting her No. 1 album, Sweetener at the moment but that doesn’t mean she’s putting love to the side. While performing at “The Sweetener Sessions” held by American Express at the Los Angeles hotel, the “Pete Davidson” singer, 25, invited Davidson, 24, onstage. The two promptly put their love on display by sharing a kiss in front of the entire audience.

According to a Sunday report by E! News, Grande made it a point to include her Saturday Night Live beau as he was the one who introduced his “girl” at the beginning of the night.

“Tonight’s going to be a good night, let me introduce you to my girl,” he told the crowd.

Taking the stage, Grande took a moment with her fans to take in what a “wild ride” her life has become in recent months.

“How am I alive? How am I awake? It’s so crazy. It’s been a wild ride. I don’t know what the f**k I did to get so lucky.”

The couple officially made their debut at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on Monday since getting engaged in June. However, the two have made it perfectly clear how much they love each other through their multiple social media posts.

During a recent interview with Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan, the “God Is A Woman” singer couldn’t help but gush about her husband-to-be, who she refers to as her “soulmate.”

“It’s just like a feeling, you know? You just feel it … He just ticks every box, and it gets better every day. I’m very grateful for him. Life is beautiful,” she told him.

The “Get Well Soon” singer also revealed that she is currently in the midst of planning her upcoming nuptials.

“My friends and I, and my mom and everybody have been brainstorming and sharing ideas. It’s really fun. I work so much I’ve never spent so much time planning something that’s personal, that feeds my soul so much and my heart. I’m gonna cry. I’m just so excited.”

As to when the couple actually intends to tie the knot?

“It’s gonna be, like, next year,” she said.

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Following Grande’s GMA interview, Davidson also took the time to dish about the couple’s engagement.

“What’s it liked being engaged to Ariana? It’s like what you would think it would be like but like a 100 times sicker. I’m a very, very happy boy who is very, very loved and I’m very lucky,” he said during a Q&A event held at Auburn University’s Welcome Week.

Saturday wasn’t the first time Grande invited Davidson up to the stage for a quick smooch as she previously did so at “The Sweetener Sessions” event last week in Chicago as well.

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